Just in Time deliveries

Reduce inventory costs and utilise your warehouse space optimally using our Just in Time deliveries. We keep your products in stock and deliver them where and when you need them.


With our Just in Time deliveries you can depend on having stock without the need of taking up permanent space. We deliver precisely the amounts you need, which means you will also reduce your inventory costs. This will enable you to remain flexible to meet the needs of your clients. You can simply order from our wide range of solutions or make the transition to our new products, so that you are no longer left with residual stock.

Reduce inventory costs, increase flexibility!


When it comes to the delivery of our products, you can opt for production and delivery to order or for daily Just in Time deliveries, using swap trailers. We consult with our clients to discuss the forecasts regarding optimal production planning.

We also have many products in stock, approx 1.400 SKUs, which enables us to guarantee a high level of service. We have our own 16.000 m2 storage facility in Nijverdal.

But we are also flexible in production itself. The moulds used in making the products are fabricated in such a way that they can always be employed on multiple machines. This ensures the continuity of production.

Custom solutions

Customised work is extremely important to us. Not only when it comes to delivery, but also developing products that meet your specific demands. Read more about how we can help you with your customised packaging.

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