Privacy statement Euro Mouldings BV

Euro Mouldings BV (hereafter referred to as EuroMouldings) considers your privacy important, which is why we do everything we can to safeguard your privacy. Personal data are processed and protected with care. We comply with data protection legislation and regulations: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This privacy statement indicates how we handle your personal data.



Explanation of several terms



Personal data is data that can be used to identify a person. Examples of personal data include: name and address details, email addresses, passport photos, fingerprints and data about someone’s race, religion, criminal records or health.



The person who is the subject of the personal data. Within EuroMouldings this can in principle be personal data on clients, suppliers, employees and applicants.



Processing is every action carried out using personal data, from collecting to recording, saving, editing, requesting, accessing, forwarding, distributing, using and destroying.



The person or organisation to whom EuroMouldings outsources the processing of personal data. This could be an IT provider or administrative office.



Processing of personal data


Strict regulations apply to processing personal data. If we process personal data or ask third parties to process data for us, we are obliged to record this in a processing register. Each time personal data are processed we record which data were processed, who was involved and which security measures were taken.



What happens with your personal data?


The basic rule is that EuroMouldings handles your personal data with care. Your personal data may never be processed by people who do not have a duty of confidentiality. We only process personal data that are actually needed to achieve the objectives for which your data were collected and nothing more. When data are processed for other purposes, your express permission is needed for this, unless the data are anonymised.

If you enter personal data on our website(s) to request information, we will only use this information to handle your request. Your data will not be used for other purposes and will never be supplied to third parties outside EuroMouldings.



How we handle your personal data


EuroMouldings stores your personal data in a secure way in compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations.

Only authorised employees have access to the information. They ensure that your personal data are secure and have a duty of confidentiality.


For what purposes do we use your personal data?


EuroMouldings uses your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Implementing agreement(s) concluded with you;
  2. Carrying out administration as well as other internal management activities;
  3. To make contact with you and to respond to questions you asked;
  4. To inform you about new products and/or EuroMouldings services;
  5. To comply with statutory obligations such as the administration and data retention obligation;
  6. To provide details to third parties in compliance with statutory or contractual obligations;
  7. To conduct customer satisfaction surveys and marketing activities;
  8. To improve the website and the EuroMouldings service;
  9. To be able to send digital newsletters;
  10. To implement the audit;
  11. To conduct scientific or statistical research.



Legal grounds for processing personal data


EuroMouldings only processes personal data when:

  • You signed an agreement for this;
  • There is a legal requirement to do so;
  • You have given your express permission for the processing;
  • EuroMouldings or a third party has a legitimate interest for doing so.



If you apply for a job with us, you consent to us saving your letter and CV for the duration of the application procedure. Following the conclusion of the application procedure, your data will be erased within a month if you were not appointed for a job at EuroMouldings. If we wish to retain your letter and CV in our portfolio, we will request your specific consent for this.



When you work for us, we need to record your personal data so we can implement the employment contract.



EuroMouldings legitimate interests


For the purposes numbered 4; 7; 8; 9 and 10 above, EuroMouldings invokes its legitimate interests. In these cases, EuroMouldings’s legitimate interests include:

  • Direct and other marketing purposes;
  • Security of EuroMouldings buildings and property;
  • Security and availability of the network infrastructure to third parties (availability of guest Wi-Fi, for example);
  • Fraud prevention. Monitoring the logging of information systems. For example internet traffic;
  • Quality and training purposes;
  • Internal audits;
  • Scientific or historic research.

You can object to this processing using your right to object. You can find more information on this right further on in this statement.



Exchange of personal data



If your explicit consent is not required or no legal obligation applies, exchange of personal data only takes place in the context of implementing the agreement concluded with you or when EuroMouldings has a legitimate interest.



In some cases, personal data are processed by third parties, for instance in the case of software suppliers. In these cases EuroMouldings remains responsible for safe data processing. EuroMouldings has signed a processor agreement with such suppliers, in which clear agreements were made as to how these suppliers may process your personal data.



EuroMouldings will not sell, hire out, share or make your personal data available to third parties in any other commercial way, except in the way described in this privacy statement or unless it has your prior consent.



Website and cookies


EuroMouldings handles all personal information you provide to us with care. This also applies to information you forward to EuroMouldings via the website.



If you visit the EuroMouldings website, your visit is always anonymous. We cannot see who is visiting our website. EuroMouldings is, however, interested in general data about your visit to our website. This concerns such things as the number of visitors, which pages are most visited or the time of the visit. EuroMouldings uses software to measure and analyse visitor information.



The EuroMouldings website contains links to other organisations’ websites. EuroMouldings is not responsible for the content of these websites. EuroMouldings is also not responsible for the privacy protection on these websites or for services that may be offered via these websites. We cannot guarantee that these websites will process your personal data in a reliable or secure way. For this reason, you should always read the privacy statement of the relevant website for more information on how they process your data.



We use the data or application that you enter on our website to respond to your question or request. Data you enter on our website are only used to determine your identity as applicant and to prevent misuse by third parties.



Our website includes icons to share web pages on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. These icons use pieces of code that originate from Facebook or LinkedIn. These codes install cookies. We have no influence over this. Please read the Facebook and LinkedIn privacy statements to read what they do with the personal and other data they process via these cookies.



Cookies are small text files that are installed on your computer if you visit a web page. Cookies collect information about your visit to our website, including the pages you viewed, links you clicked on and other actions you took.

We use cookies for two reasons:

  1. To guarantee that our website works efficiently. For instance, we ensure a
    user-friendly website experience by modifying the website to the device you are using. Cookies are also necessary for smooth website functioning.
  2. Improving the website; We use cookies to determine which pages are viewed and how long you stay on our website. EuroMouldings can use this knowledge to better assess how the website is used and how to improve the user experience.

The EuroMouldings website uses the following cookies:

  • Functional cookies; These cookies are also necessary for smooth website functioning, such as the search function.
  • Analytic cookies; We use the Google Analytics statistics program to analyse which pages are most visited, how visitors arrived at our website and which search terms are used in our search engine. We protect the privacy of visitors to our website as far as possible by masking IP addresses.
  • Google Maps; These cookies are needed to view the map and its functionalities and to provide directions to our sites.



You can decide yourself whether to accept or refuse cookies. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can usually modify your browser settings to refuse cookies. You will need to configure this for each browser and each computer you use.



Retention of personal data


EuroMouldings only retains your personal data for as long as is strictly necessary to realise the purpose for which your data were collected unless these data are needed to comply with a statutory retention obligation with a prescribed retention period.



Security of personal data


EuroMouldings has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data from loss or unlawful use. We have taken various measures for this including data encryption, encrypted communications and processing data as being confidential. Persons who have access to your data on behalf of EuroMouldings have a duty of confidentiality. EuroMouldings demands the same technical and organisational measures from its processors and has recorded this in processor agreements.



Responsible disclosure


EuroMouldings is extremely careful with respect to digital system security. Nevertheless, despite all precautionary measures, weak areas may occur. If you discover such a weak area, please contact us so that we can take appropriate measures as quickly as possible. This will enable us to better protect the privacy of our clients and staff.

We ask that you:

  • Email your findings to;
  • Do not take advantage of the situation by, for example, downloading more data than is necessary to demonstrate the breach or access, erase or modify data of third parties;
  • Do not inform others about the problem until it has been ‘resolved’;
  • Delete all confidential data that were obtained via the breach once the breach has been closed;
  • Do not use attacks on physical security, social engineering, distributed denial of service, spam or applications from third parties;
  • Provide sufficient information to reproduce the problem so that we can resolve this as quickly as possible. Usually the IP address or URL of the relevant system and a description of the vulnerability is sufficient, but more could be needed for more complex vulnerabilities.

We promise to do the following:

  • We will respond to your notification within two weeks. You will receive an assessment of the notification from us and a date when we expect to resolve it.
  • We will not take any legal steps with respect to your notification as long as you comply with the above conditions.
  • We will handle your notification in confidence and will not share your personal data with third parties without your consent.
  • We will keep you informed of the status of the vulnerability.
  • When reporting on the notified problem, we will include your name as discoverer if you want this.

We aim to resolve all vulnerabilities as quickly as possible. We would like to be involved in any publications regarding the problem once it has been resolved.



Your privacy rights


You have various rights as laid down in law. These rights are explained below.



You have the right to access your personal data processed by EuroMouldings.



You have the right to have data changed or deleted if the data are not or no longer correct, or if the processing is not or no longer justified.



The right to object means that you can object to certain processing of your personal data based on your specific situation. You have this right for all processing that is not based on your consent, the implementation of the agreement concluded with you, compliance with statutory obligations or the protection of vital interests of yourself or others.                  

If you object your personal data being used to inform you of EuroMouldings activities, we will always honour this objection. The same applies to an objection to similar processing. Your data will then no longer be used for direct marketing and other marketing purposes.



Under certain circumstances you also have the right to restrict processing of your data. This means that EuroMouldings will put a temporary ‘freeze’ on processing your data. You can invoke this right in four situations:

  • In anticipation of an assessment of a rectification request;
  • If data actually should have been erased but you did not wish these to be erased;
  • If EuroMouldings no longer needs the data while you do need the data to prepare a court case;
  • In anticipation of an assessment of an objection;



Right to data portability


You have the right to receive back the data you provided to EuroMouldings in a standard file format. This right only applies to the personal data we process from you based on your consent or an agreement concluded with you. The right also only applies to data that we process in digital form (so not for ‘paper’ processing). You may then forward these data to another party.



Withdrawal of consent


For the data that we process based on your consent, you can withdraw that consent at any time. We will then immediately cease processing your data. An important exception is that consent you gave for taking a portrait photo for an interview or participation in a company film, for example, may not be withdrawn.

The withdrawal of consent does not have retroactive effect; all processing that has already taken place remains lawful.



Exercising your rights


In principle, no charge is involved in you exercising your rights, apart from in the event of abuse. You can exercise your rights by contacting EuroMouldings via





In principle, we will respond to your questions and requests within a month. If it takes longer to answer your question or request, we will inform you of this within a month.



Verivy identity


We will verify your identity where necessary before processing your request. Where appropriate, we will ask you to present your proof of identity or send a copy of this. We do this to avoid providing personal data to the wrong person or wrongly making changes to your personal data. The copy of your proof of identity is used to verify your identity. The copy will be destroyed immediately after verification. We recommend that you block out your passport photo and Citizen Service Number on the copy.



Individual considerations for each request


Please note that the rights described above are not absolute rights. In some circumstances we may not be able to comply with a certain request. If we are unable to comply with a certain request, we will of course tell you why this is not possible. Your right to object to the use of your data for direct marketing and other marketing purposes is an absolute right. We will always honour such a request.





If you think that EuroMouldings has not processed your data correctly, you can submit a complaint to us. You can send your complaint to

You can also always submit a complaint to the supervisory authority. The supervisory authority for privacy legislation is the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can find the Dutch Data Protection Authority’s details via this website:





We retain the right to make changes to our privacy statement. We recommend that you check the privacy statement regularly for updates to our privacy policy.



Contact details


If you have any questions about this privacy statement, have a complaint about the use of your personal data or you would like to invoke one of your statutory rights, please contact EuroMouldings via