EuroMouldings and sustainability

When it comes to materials, processes and machines, we are committed to producing more sustainably. We are keen to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and we are a partner to clients who also wish to take initial steps towards realising this. We can help you to achieve this goal, whatever the size of your contribution. We can assist in many areas in making the production of HDPE bottles and cans more sustainable and we are ISO 9001-2015 certified.

More sustainable processes

Concerns about the environment are central to our production process. Our sustainability cycle starts with our own internal waste flows, which includes the continuous recirculation of all clean residual waste during the production process. We also have partners in the recycling industry for reducing landfill waste of plastic materials (such as start-stop waste) as much as possible. A specially funded project was initiated in 2017 aimed at addressing waste flows. This involves collecting and pulverising residual plastic waste from the production process and then reintroducing it to the first stage of the production process.


Sustainable products

We also work sustainably in the development of new products. This includes the use of polymers based on renewable resources, such as sugar cane, sugar beet and maize. Reproducible production tests have already been carried out, for example, with types of biobased (Iā€™m Green) HDPE from the biopolymer producer Braskem, entirely based on sugar cane. This enables us to produce both small volume bottles and jerrycans with a capacity of 20 litres. With our partners, we can help you meet your client-specific sustainability objectives, by utilising materials that are not only biobased but are also completely biodegradable.

And not only that, we also use recycled materials, such as post-consumer and post-industrial HDPE. For this, we have already identified various suitable sources that can be used in our production processes.

EuroMouldings can assist in many areas in making the production of HDPE bottles and cans more sustainable.

Sustainable machines

Parallel to the deployment of recycling measures, we also invest in machines that are able to optimise additional recycling streams, both internally and those that have been sourced externally. An example of this are co-extrusion blow moulding machines, which are used with products that are built up of various layers and which can be added to the recycling stream without changing the characteristics of the products.

Sustainable logistics

We also work towards a better environment together with our clients. The cardboard trays we use to deliver our products are in fact reusable through a deposit system that we introduced. And we heat our warehouse through heat generated during the production process.

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