50% circular by 2030

One of the pinpoints of EuroMouldings is working on a sustainable future. We want to leave the world a better place. That this is one of our core values may sound strange. Especially since we produce blown plastic packaging such as bottles and jerry cans, among other things, but it is precisely in our sector that we can achieve a lot.


EuroMouldings is introducing CIPACKS. In this, packaging is collected, cleaned, ground and granulated after use. With the recycled granulate, we shape our sustainable production to ultimately offer 30 - 50% recycled product. In CIPACKS, we also give attention to reconditioned products; here, too, cleaning plays an important role. Here in the Netherlands, we work together with our sister company Cleaning Twente.

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We do sustainability together. With EuroMouldings, you opt for circular packaging. Will you join us on our sustainability journey?

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