From linear to circular

New petroleum-based raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. This is why we at EuroMouldings believe it is important to use them sparingly and smartly. As a circular partner of our customers, we contribute to this by changing our packaging from a linear to a circular product, where raw materials are reused again and again. We do this together with customers and chain partners. EuroMouldings is currently taking big steps towards making packaging that consists of 50% recycled raw materials as early as 2030.


In a linear economy, products are thrown away after a single use. This is a shame, because valuable raw materials that are perfectly suited for reuse are needlessly lost.


We are collecting more and more used packaging and making the raw materials suitable for reuse. This is also known as chain economy with recycling: an intermediate step towards a fully circular economy.


100% circular in 2050: that's what we're aiming for at EuroMouldings! This means that we can fully reuse raw materials from used packaging, whereby residual waste also gets a new life and waste no longer exists.


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