When it comes to special product packaging, you have very specific wishes. Our years of experience with customer-specific requirements ensure that we can help you perfectly.

Presentation for your customer

At EuroMouldings you can go for the ultimate combination of design, functionality and manufacturability. Whatever you have in mind for your product, we design an ideal packaging with the latest technology. We can also design the presentation for you so that you can present it to your customer. You're welcome!

EuroMouldings offers packaging based on the ultimate combination of design, functionality and manufacturability.

Advanced closures and inserts

Functionality and design must go hand in hand. You can also leave us with an accurate estimate of the tolerances on the dimensions. We assess the manufacturability and make concessions to the design, so that it still fits together.

In addition, we can help you in the field of advanced closures. We adjust our packaging where necessary for closures that are dosed, controlled poured and/or connected with another product. Close cooperation with suppliers of these closures is important for the success of projects. In addition to closures, we also provide inserts for, for example, logos in the packaging. You see: we provide you with a total package.


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