An old bottle with a visual upgrade: Spider 2.0

EuroMouldings is always moving forward, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our current products and develop new products. The Spider bottle has been in our company for more than 10 years, and we’ve decided to streamline our existing bottle and give it a new, fresh look with even more possibilities than our previous model.

Our designer has worked on redesigning our original spider model to give the bottle a more modern look, just like our Alien series. Our new Spider bottle also shares similarities with our Alien series, like similar dimensions for the 1L with slim and sleek looks.

Here’s some of the headline changes for our Spider model

  • Increased label size for the 4L to match the 5L.
  • The iconic spiderweb is now an interchangeable part for your logos!
  • New bottom logo position for custom text possibilities such as “Made in Holland”.
  • Altöl text possibility.
  • Tactile warning triangle possibilities.
  • Standard neck sizes: 38MM for 1L bottles and 50/29 for 4+5L.

Spider 2.0 bottles with personalised logos, texts or colours will have to be ordered, and delivered per full truck. 


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