Meet our Alien 20L: a jerry can - suitcase model - that is specifically suitable for lubricants. The Alien 20L has a modern look, is very convenient to use and easy to stack.

This jerry can offers all possibilities for a unique, distinctive look. For example, the label surface has a circular shape, giving the jerry can its own identity.
Also special: there is room for a logo on the side so that this jerry can stands out on the shelf.


Convenience for the user

The Alien 20L stands for ease of use. There is a lot of space around the handle, which makes it easy to grip, even with work gloves on. Furthermore, the Alien 20L is available with a handy visibility line and a notch at the bottom for easy emptying. The suitcase model makes the Alien 20L extremely suitable for storage in the fireproof environmental cabinet with a view of the visibility line. Optionally, the Alien 20L can be equipped with a cap and tap.


Available in all colours

The Alien 20L has a top fill capacity of 22.95 litres and is available in any desired colour. Knowing more? Please go to the product page or contact us.